It takes a certain type of person to travel alone. While moving around the world you are bound to meet a large amount of people who are travelling by themselves (you may even be one yourself).  These people tend to come from a whole range of backgrounds but all have one common trait that makes them want to get out and explore the world by themselves. Here we discuss this common characteristic, read on and see if you might be suited to hitting the open road by yourself.

The Art of Self-Discovery

Travel is a process that facilitates growth. It allows people to slow down and really think. It is not common to hear of people who have epiphanies or become truly inspired while travelling (think Kerouac’s On The Road). However many of us won’t take the leap into the unknown by ourselves. We’ve all been there. You plan a great weekend away with a friend and just before you leave, you get a call. Something has come up and unfortunately, they have to bail on your plans. Most of us decide not to go on our own.

Solo travellers have realised if they let others hold them back they won’t get anywhere. They have places to go, food to try people to see and new and exciting things to do. Put simply the shared quality amongst solo travellers is that they don’t let people hold them back from self-discovery. It is only when your most adventurous buddies bail, forcing you to go it alone that you will find out just how eye-opening solo travel can be.

Let go of Baggage

Travelling solo allows you to remove excess baggage and really do what you would like to do. Want to conquer your fear of heights by going rock climbing? You can. Want to spend sometimes disconnecting from society with hill tribes? No problem. Your vacation time is your own. You can spend it how you see fit, gaining the experiences you really want and in turn growing from them.

A Chance to Reflect

Not all trips have to overloaded with new activities either. You have time to indulge in introspection. Most people’s daily lives offer little in the way of chances to really soul search so taking a break to assess the past, the present and the future can help you discover what you really want. You quickly begin to rely less and less on the people around you and start to realise that your life is what you make it! Travelling alone is a catalyst for self-growth. You will find yourself testing your courage over and over again and growing in confidence with each trip.

Go for it.

We know it may seem scary at first but experience solo travel at least once in your lifetime is something everyone should do (in our humble opinion). You will make dozens of new friends as you travel so you won’t feel lonely. In fact, you will rarely ever be alone. So don’t spend your time looking for others to adventure with. Life is short and if you miss your chance, you could regret it!




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