Myanmar, also known as Burma, is fast becoming one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. Dormant for many years, Myanmar (like a lot of other Asian countries) is slowly opening up to visitors who wish to explore this captivating land. From historic temples to picturesque lakes Myanmar has a vast array of attractions that you may not see elsewhere. It also has some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Below you can check out some of the amazing photos taken by our own photographer Abi Travers. Be careful, after seeing these you could end up packing your bags to check it out for yourself!

The Temples of Bagan

Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. In its heyday, Bagan was home to around 11000 Buddhist temples, 2200 of which are still standing today. These temples are one of the biggest draws in Myanmar but still remain fairly untouched thanks to the underdeveloped tourism sector. The temples lie in an earthquake zone and some were destroyed last year and again in the 1990’s, so get down there quick to grab some photos of your own before anymore are destroyed.


Yangon was once the former capital of Myanmar. Even though the military government recently moved the capital to Naypyidaw, Yangon remains the biggest city in Myanmar and is the county’s central economic hub. The photos below give a nice indication of life in the once capital. Unlike some other countries, Myanmar’s traditions and customs have not been lost in the age of globalisation, and this is evident in all of the photos. We particularly like the shot of the Buddhist monks in traditional garb!

Inle lake

Inle Lake is located approximately 900 meters above sea level and 22km in length. Floating on the lake is truly an off the beaten track experience as there are no roads, locals or tourists around. Explorers come to Inle lake to see the Intha people who are unique for their leg rowing fishing technique.


Ngwesaung (don’t panic it is pronounced “way song”!) is a photographers dream. This sleepy beach resort is located in the Ayeyarwady Region and is 5 hours from Yangon. It is one of the countries most chilled out areas. Its picturesque views are becoming so demanded that an airport is now under construction in the area.



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