It’s not news to anybody that U.S president Donald Trump has enacted a travel ban on people from a select few countries entering America. The ban spans across a diverse range of countries and while these people may not be allowed to enter another country, it might be the perfect time for us to visit theirs. Below are some of the wonderful places to see and things to do in the countries affected by the ban.

Babylon, Iraq

The Lion Of Babylon

Once the centre of Mesopotamia and one of the most well-known ancient cities, the ruins of Babylon are a jaw-dropping site. It would be difficult for any traveller not to be moved upon seeing what was once home to ten empires and widely regarded as the site of the earliest civilisations known to man.

Isfahan, Iran

Located in the centre of the Isfahan province, this is one of the countries most interesting cities. The city is a real feast for the senses. With Persian gardens, mosques palaces and bridges it is difficult to not to be drawn in by its charm. The city is acting as a living example of traditional Iranian culture.

Old Sana’a, Yemen

Another extremely important cultural site the city of Sana’a has been given the label of World Heritage Site. Over 2,500 years old the city is situated in a mountain valley. The history of both religion and politics can be seen through the city’s 113 mosques and 600 houses, all adorned with Islamic art and architecture.

Palmyra, Syria

While getting to Syria is virtually impossible (for now), we will still cover one of it’s most amazing attractions in the hope travel will soon be made possible. Palmyra is one of Syria’s main attractions and is located north of Damascus. The city combined Roman and Persian influences becoming a site of cultural importance from the 1st to the 3rd centuries AD. Nowadays all that remains are its ruins. Hopefully, visitors will be able to enjoy this site again, sooner rather than later!

Assaraya al-Hamra, Tripoli, Libya

This palace, also known as the Red Castle Museum is located on the outskirts of the Old City in Tripoli. The complex, situated on the water, is a central part of Tripoli’s skyline and can be seen from locations all over the capital city. This amazing palace is a fascinating window to the past and is a must see for any travellers on a sightseeing trip to Libya.

Kismayo National Park, Somalia

The park is also the home of Somali Bee-eater which can also be found in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Kismayo National Park is a national park located about 30km outside of Kismayo town.  This park is home to Somalia’s unique flora and fauna, such as the Somalian sheep. The park is rich in animals native to the East-Africa region such as lions, leopards, zebras and antelopes. When visiting Kismayo National Park you will find there are many opportunities for outdoor adventures and activities such as wildlife safari.

Meroe Pyramids, Sudan

While the pyramids of Egypt may be the most famous in the world, they are not the only pyramids in Northern Africa. More than 200km from the capital of Sudan, on the east bank of the Nile River, lie the Meroe Pyramids. These pyramids are much smaller but just as impressive as the world famous Egyptian ones and they provide us with an insight into the lives of those who lived here 200 years ago.


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