Has the work got you down? Feeling like your in a rut after a January spent tightening the belt? Well relax, we have got you covered. This article will show you 3 great travel vlogs to help get you up on the road again.

The Budgeteers

If these guys don’t inspire you, nothing will. This vlog centers around the exploits of Paddy, and English teacher, and Thijs who is a 3D artist. While working together they decided to put together a plan. They wanted to set themselves travel challenges and execute them while simultaneously filming and editing the action. Their first task was to travel South East Asia on one thousand dollars. Since then they haven’t looked back and their vlog makes for some really interesting viewing. Watching them in action is a great way motivate yourself to shake off some of your responsibilities and hit the road

Here is episode one of Budgeteer’s adventure:

Nadine Sykora

Combining comedy and travel Nadine Sykora makes for a great travel buddy. She has visited over 48 countries and her videos offer a great insight into first time visits to many weird and wonderful places. She also runs a blog and offers travel tips and tricks on her page. A real all rounder! Her light and fun approach will draw you in until you find yourself laughing out loud at her antics!

Here is a great example of Nadine giving advice on solo travel:

Karl Watson

Similar to The Budgeteers, Watson simply quit his job and started travelling the world. With a background in video editing and an interest in travel since he was a child Karl Watson new exactly what he was setting out to do. Watson provides longer more in-depth documentaries on his website as well as shorter tips and tricks. His travels to exotic locations is enough to make anyone want to hit the road. Even if you cant copy his adventure, they are great watching or as Watson says himself “pure escapism”.

Check out Karl’s trip to India below:


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