Paris is renowned for the Eiffel tower, Champs-Elysees or The Louvre. However, It is packed with many other hidden spots that can be easily missed. If you are planning your trip to Paris, make sure to get off the beaten track and explore these 4 secret spots that not many people would know.

Get Inspired at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

This out of the way park is truly jaw dropping! The park was opened in 1857 and has lots of nice trails to walk. Contained within the park is a man-made lake which is overlooked by a cliff. Sitting on top of the cliff is a Corinthian temple to Sybil. This feature seems bizarre and certainly is out of place amongst the rest of Paris, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. This one is not on the traditional tourist routes, so you will have the park to yourself most of the time!

See The Beautiful Rue Cremieux

Photo by fififoto93 via Flickr

One of the coolest streets in the whole city and surprisingly isn’t swarmed with tourists! The Rue Cremieux is slightly out of the way and difficult to find but you won’t be disappointed. All the small houses in the street are painted bright colours. It is easy to feel like you’ve been transported into a fairy tale as you walk through it! The best time to get a photo is when the sun is bouncing off the walls of the street, making the colours stick out. This is one place tourists don’t always get to and you are bound to make your friends jealous with one or two incredible photos!

Taste Cheese at the Marché St. Quentin

This covered supermarket is a tucked away on the Boulevard de Magenta in front of the Gare Du Nord. If you have spent even a day in Paris you are bound to have experienced plenty of markets selling food, jewellery and souvenirs. While there are plenty of bigger markets this one has a real bohemian feel and some great architecture to take in. It also has a reputation for some of the fresh produce available. This market has fresh fruit and veg, chicken and other hot foods, but its speciality is cheese. If your an avid fan of cheese like lots of the people who visit this market, you shouldn’t hesitate to get down there.

Get Spooked at The Catacombs

While popular, this attraction is underground so it is missed by plenty tourists each year. Beneath the streets of Paris lies a series of underground passages which are the final resting place of 6 million of the City of Lights former inhabitants. This historical burial ground is not one for the feint hearted! The Catacombs were once series of old limestone tunnels and caves. However, they were transformed into a graveyard by the mid 18th century. Displayed in certain areas are the skulls of those buried in the subterranean graveyard. Nowadays, only certain areas are open to the public, leaving large areas untouched for many years! This is a must see….. if you are brave enough!



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