1. Attend an AFL (Australian Rules Football) game

Its the unofficial national sport and the nations pass time!  Aussie Rules is not played anywhere else in the world so if you do get a chance to take in a game you should! Its the equivalent of Super bowl in the US and Football in the UK – everyone talks about it.  If you are lucky enough to be in Australia in October, you should watch AFL the grand final of the season. It’s bound to get the heart racing even for a neutral fan.

2. Eat Pavlova

Pavlova is the traditional dessert eaten on Australian day. A meringue base, crispy on outside fluffy on the inside and topped with delicious fruit make for the perfect cake to eat in the Australian sun. This dish is so good, it doesn’t have to be resigned to Australia day only!

3. Say “G’day mate” or “How is it going?”

Cliché, we know but these are the greetings Australians are known all over the world for. You might feel a little bit silly but as the saying goes – “When in Australia……”

4. Having a BBQ

Having BBQ is the thing to do in Australia. Grab a few of your buddies, some beer (or maybe a lot of beer), some food and kick back in the fine Australian weather.

5. Surfing 

Aussies love surfing and so they should! They have some of the best beaches in the world and lots of sunshine to go enjoy them in. Tourists come from all over the world to surf the famous beaches such as Bondi but there are plenty of local spots which you can surf.

6. Wear thongs (and it is not what you think)

Aussies say “thongs” for “flip flops”  (Yes, I was very confused when I first arrived). They are a key element of any Aussies wardrobe and are practical too! If you don’t look Aussie enough for your liking, wear board shorts, thongs and a Billabong T-shirt, then you should be all set.

7. Eat Aussie meat pie

Aussies love meat pies so much I am surprised it isn’t a national dish. A meat pie is a small pastry, no bigger than the size of your hand, stuffed with mine meat, gravy and often some veg.

8. Saying “No worries”

This one is pretty simple. Instead of saying “you are welcome” just say “No worries”.

9. Have Vegemite for breakfast

Aussies favourite breakfast is Vegemite. It’s bigger than peanut butter compared to Americans. However, not everyone can stand the strong smell. Some might even say it tastes like shoe polish.

10. Dress up and attend Melbourne Cup day

Known as the race that stops the nation this is the biggest horse racing event in Australia. On this day each year, everyone bets on their favourite horse (or selects one at random like me). Everyone stops working to check out the race from accountants to truck drivers. There’s a real sense of excitement when the race is underway and it’s good fun to take part, the fact that you might win money is a bonus!


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