Every year thousands of tourists come to Ireland and every year plenty stay behind to make it their permanent home. Coming up with reasons for this has been simple, selecting the best ones to show off has been the difficult part! Read on and maybe you might decide it is time to pack your bags and see what it is all about.

1. It’s really green.

40 shades of green. Literally. People flock from all over the world to see the Emerald Isle and are instantly drawn in by the lush greenery on display. All any visitor has to do it venture out of the cities and they will be amazed by the vast grassy fields and dense leafy forests. These lush green grasses can even be seen from space! If you venture far enough, you might even find some shamrock.

2. It’s the home of Guinness.

The nation’s favourite drink (and hobby)! Even if you think you have tried Guinness elsewhere, you haven’t. There is only one place where you will receive the perfect pint, and that is in Ireland.  There is a skill to pouring a Guinness which often isn’t observed in other countries and once you have tried one pint of the black stuff, it is enough to make you want to stay in Ireland forever (well, in the pub at least.)

3. It has the greatest Pubs in the world (Which Sell the Guinness).

Speaking of pubs, Ireland’s pubs will make you fall in love. The music, the food, the interior and most importantly – the craic! Ireland’s pubs are known all over the world for these things and trust me they aren’t lying. In any pub, on any given night, you can experience great traditional Irish music and also great pub food. Couple this with the Irish tendency for fun and frolics you won’t want to go home anytime soon. It really is the land of a thousand welcomes, especially when your drinking!

4. It has the most amazing coastlines.

Ireland’s coastline is amazing. One of the biggest draws each year is for people to drive from the top to the bottom of the country along the coastline. Dotted along this coastline are jaw-dropping cliffs, beautiful beaches and quaint rural towns. Once the summer hits the coast is jam packed with hikers, cyclists and surfers all looking to find their own piece. Once you find your place along the coast, you won’t look back.

5. Its countryside is magical.

The Irish countryside is a magical place where thousands of tourists lose themselves each year. From thatched cottages to tiny country roads it is really easy to lose yourself in the marvellous sites and sound of the countryside. It’s so engrossing that it isn’t strange to find people from large cities settling out in the middle of nowhere, all for a bit of peace and serenity. A personal favourite for this type of a holiday is Connemara, as real an “Irish” experience as one can get.

6. It has many talented artists.

Where to start on this one. Ireland is renowned all over the world for its musicians, its playwrights, it’s actors and its novelists. Creating a list of Ireland famous artists is almost impossible. The list would be so long, it would prove difficult to pick who to put in and who to leave out. The Irish people’s love for the Arts has blended into daily life. You won’t have to go far without seeing street performers, theatre or live music! So, or any budding creatives, Ireland should be your next stop.

7. It is rich in culture and history.

Ireland has a rich and diverse ancient history. From old castles and monastery ruins to ancient burial grounds and fairy forts, there is a real sense of wonder and awe throughout the land. For example, Newgrange is an ancient burial site that is older that the pyramids!Our literature is also drenched in history and so the two go hand in hand. Don’t be surprised to hear wicked tales of banshees and monster while you travel. Who doesn’t love a good horror story!



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