Thank you is one of the most important words to know when you travel to Asia. It is important because most people in Asia don’t speak English and saying the words properly in the native language will make you look better in the eyes of locals. It is also a way to express your respect to the local culture. Here are our top 15 ways to say thank you in Asian countries.

1. China & Taiwan = Xie Xie

2. Korea = Kamsa Hamnida

3. Japan = Arigato

4. Hongkong =  Do jeh

5. Thailand = kawp-kun krap/ka

6. Vietnam = Cam on

7. Indonesia & Malaysia = Terima Kasih

8. India = Sukria

9. Myanmar = cè zù tin ba deh

10. Cambodia = Au kun

11. Laos = Khob chai

12. The Philippines = Salamat po

13. Buhtan = Kaadinchhey La

14. Nepal = dhanyabad

15. Pakistan = Shukriya

So which one is the most difficult to learn? Let us know by commenting below.


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