March is that time we suddenly start to hit a slump. Most of us have given up on our new year’s resolution, work is beginning to become a grind again and summer is still in the distance. At Itravellocal, we have a different view. The summer is coming faster than you think. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. This means that summer vacation is coming too.  We have another surefire way to help the good times come even faster. Take a holiday this March! Why not? March is the perfect time to explore places at off season rates. This means more bang for your buck and an excuse to jet off somewhere nice. We have shortlisted some really amazing places that are off the beaten track for you to explore. Who knows, you may even go back this summer.

1. Dance the Night Away in Puerto Rico

Located two hours from Miami, Florida this is the destination that will definitely make your work colleagues jealous. Puerto Rico has a distinct Latin style with beach parties and salsa dancing the order of the day. Located a short trip from the main island is Vieques, where you can snorkel in crystal clear waters. You can also wander the cobbled streets of the cities capital, San Juan or hike in the nearby mountains. They also have delicious traditional food for any budding critics. A dish called Monfogo is recommended to all traveller in the area! This trip will make you the topic of conversation in the office for a long time.

2. Check Out the Wildlife on Safari in South Africa

Safaris are a great way for any animal lovers to get away from their daily routine. They’re also sure to get the heart pumping and provide amazing photo ops!  While trips like this used to be incredibly expensive they are slowly becoming more affordable. South Africa has 19 National Parks and all of them come highly recommended. Cape town is probably the best place to base yourself due to its close proximity to Kruger Park. It is also worth mentioning that Kruger Park contains the “big five”! We highly suggest getting out on this trip sooner rather than later. A lot of South Africa’s animals are currently endangered. Just another excuse to get out there this March!

3. Get Pampered in Cambodia

A great holiday destination on a budget. Here, you can get a bed for under $5 dollars and a large selection of delicious meals for even less. You can get 5-star luxury for around $50, so if your looking to be pampered in a budget look no further. Highlights here include the pristine white sand beaches and the Angkor Wat park. The park contains the most jaw-dropping temples in existence, seriously, look at the photo below. March is the time to travel because with each passing day the tourism sector is growing here. It won’t stay as untouched forever.

4. Roam the Sand Dunes of Essaouira, Morocco

This one is really off the beaten path. Devoid of any traditional tourist infrastructure, Essaouira, will give you a real flavour of Moroccan life. Street traders haggle in a frenzy while the smell of traditional dishes wafts by in the air. This is all coupled with an amazing coastline full of beaches where you can take a camel out on a trek. Just be ready to explain where you were to your colleagues once you get home!

5. See it All in Vietnam

Another largely untouched area, Vietnam is rising in popularity as a tourist location. It’s difficult to pinpoint one highlight in Vietnam as it has so many. From the hustle and bustle Saigon, historic Hanoi and the white sand beaches of Mui Ne. It also has some of the most amazing food and coffee you will ever taste. Vietnam can also be done on a budget but similarly to Cambodia it is rapidly modernising. You will want to get down here as quickly as possible to ensure you get the most out of your trip.




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