Sometimes cash is tight. It’s just a fact of life.  This should not have a negative effect on anyone attempts to travel. We at Itravellocal don’t want this to be the case, so we are offering our expertise on where to get the best bang for your buck as you travel. This time we are focusing in on Europe. Europe is ideal for budget travel. It has an array of varied and interesting countries to check out. You can also hit a lot of different places during your trip as flights are usually relatively cheap and there is the option of the train also! We kept prices of food and drinks as well as accommodation in mind as we compiled our list. Most of these places have really nice attractions to see if you have slightly more money to spend too. So here they are, the cheapest options for an amazing European break.

Prague, Czech Republic.

Now a bustling hive of tourist activity you will have a blast in Prague. Prices are as low as they come so this place is heaven for a bargain hunter. If your willing to travel in the winter it is also possible to get nice accommodation at very reasonable prices. Food and drink are also very inexpensive here, particularly the beer! Most attractions charge a small cover fee of one or two dollars. If this is too much for you, you can always take in the beautiful architecture and atmosphere of the city, which are free.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow has been top of the list for bargain vacationers for years. Large numbers of tourists flock to Krakow, particularly for weekend breaks. Maybe not one for major attractions but you will be able to eat, drink and sleep at amazingly low prices here. There is a great bar and cafe scene here also so socialising with other tourists is the order of the day. Hurry up with this trip as prices will begin to rise due to the number of tourists coming each year.

Bruges, Belgium

This one is ideal for any history buffs out there. Bruges is steeped in history and you can check out a large array of medieval buildings. Bruges isn’t a secret so expect to see plenty of other tourists taking advantage of the low prices here. Accommodation can run you for a bit of cash. However, if you are willing to stay in a hostel you should have no problems at all, as they have some of the best in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

A nice spot for anyone who is looking to be pampered. To get the most out of Budapest you need to avoid the tourist traps along the river. The thermal baths here a must see do for any travellers. Inside they have hot pools where you can relax for a minimal fee. The city itself is lively and you can rent a bike (relatively cheaply) and pedal your way around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. You can also check out Buda Castle which adds to this cities one of a kind charm.

Lisbon, Portugal

Not on the common tourist trail, Lisbon makes for a great bargain holiday. You can get everything you expect from a European capital without breaking the band. They also have a serious array of hostels that are constantly trying to out do each other. This means cheap prices and good service. Lisbon is steeped in tradition and history so undertaking a group tour is a must. Several companies run day tours at reasonable prices (20-50 Euro), you can see an awful lot and spend very little.




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