The Original Pub

In the midlands of Ireland, there is a bar which has a peculiar claim to fame. It is recognised as the oldest bar in the world. In the town of Athlone sits Sean’s bar, the holder of Guinness world record which gives weight to its rather staggering claims. While some renovations have been added to the pub it’s structure remains largely unchanged. Founded in 900 A.D the bar has been in existence for a ridiculous 1,115 years. During a refurbishment in the 1970’s further credence was giving to claims of the pub’s age. ¬†While knocking walls they found sections of wattle, a building material used in the 9th century remained all this time. However, it wasn’t until 2004 when the Guinness World Record confirmed it. The tiny watering hole is also now a protected structure meaning that no more changes can be made to it.

Over the years famous people from each corner of the earth have pulled up a stool in Sean’s including professional footballers, members of U2 as well as famous actors.

Nowadays the pub is a massive draw for tourist. Bus loads pack into Sean’s daily so you might not be able to take a good look around. We’ve compiled a few pictures so at least now you can have a look inside. Here are some pictures from the world’s oldest boozer. This is one place where you are guaranteed a true Irish experience!

By Patrick Dockens via Flickr
By jpc.raleigh via Flickr

By Melanie K Reed via Flickr



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