Need a change of pace? Looking for somewhere to live that is interesting and exciting? With one of the fastest growing economies and low cost of living Vietnam is happening now. Mix this all up with a rapidly expanding expat population and the real ease of business all over the country, it is a great choice for you to go and start a new life. If you have an entrepreneurial streak Vietnam might also be the best place for you to open that business you always wanted. The possibilities in this wonderful country are endless. Read on and see if you aren’t tempted…..

It is really cheap.

A bowl of delicious Pho only costs less than $2

Vietnam is quite cheap to live in. You should be able to live extremely comfortable for under $1000 a month. Groceries are cheap but even at Vietnamese prices most people still eat out every day. A Banh Mi sandwich (which are extremely tasty) only sets you back one dollar and you can eat a full meal for around $3 or $4 dollars. You can eat extremely well in Vietnam, but more on that later. Rent might set you back anything between $300-$400 dollars and some of the properties is simply stunning. You can get an apartment with a rooftop terrace, balcony and have it fully furnished for that price. You will more than likely live in a large metropolitan area. You won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world to live in such bustling cities for this price. It really is the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget!

It is the best country to start a business now.

Ok so its cheap we have established that, but how are you going to earn a living. Vietnam GDP is growing at 7% per annually and really is the land of opportunity. It is quite cheap to rent premises for a business. You will meet a lot of expats who own their own bars and restaurants. They are all usually extremely friendly and love to talk business and give a hand. Most people I met in Vietnam really were willing to give be a start. If you have always dreamed of having that bar or restaurant this is the place to be. You also have the option of becoming an English teacher, which is an enjoyable job and can be quite lucrative.

It has the best food in the world (at least to me).

The food in Vietnam is amazing and cheap. You can try dozens of dishes and only be a fraction of the way into Viet Cuisine. The streets are lined with vendors selling rice, noodles, pork and seafood. All different, tasty takes on traditional cuisine. They also do an excellent version of European and American cuisine if you are looking for something along those lines. This is one part of their culture in which they take massive pride, so dig in!

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It is a great hub to travel around Asia.

Vietnam is a great place to base yourself in to travel Asia. You can reach almost all the countries in Asia within less than 3 hours and flights to these neighbouring countries are dirt cheap. Flying times are also very manageable. That being said Vietnam is an absolutely stunning country and you will need plenty of time to see it. There are quiet coastal villages, mountain towns and sprawling metropolises. It really does have it all.

It has one of the most vibrant lifestyles in Asia.

On top of a rooftop bar in Saigon Vietnam

More than 60% of the nation is under 35 yrs old. Once you arrive you will quickly realise how friendly everyone is here. You will make friends with an eclectic crew of both locals and expats. Vietnam has a growing nightclub and bar scene that is a joy to be part of. You can really let your hair down (at low prices) while you are here. If this particularly interests you I suggest Saigon, which has some crazy venues! There are plenty of other things to take part in too like sports and clubs. Prepare to make dozens of new friends.

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