As you travel around the world you meet a lot of people. No matter where you go you will run into fellow tourists. From the party animals to the spiritual gurus you will come across them all. Naturally, there are some you get on well with, others not so much. Over the years of travelling, we have begun to notice the same types of character recurring no matter where we went! This list will help you spot the different character as you trot the globe and decide whether this person is the right travel companion for you! Read on, you may even see yourself in these people….

1.The Adventurer:

This person is the all round action hero. They love to get the adrenaline pumping and are always out for a companion to join. Accompanying them means getting pushed out of your comfort zone and possibly getting in some dangerous situations. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may find out you are a lot braver and stronger than you thought!

2. The Party Animal:

This guy or girl doesn’t get to see too much of the tourist sites on their travels unless the attractions are near the bar. They love to party and while away they go at it 24/7. Expect crazy nights and little sleep if you accompany them. One thing is absolutely certain you will have a blast.

3. The Cheap Skate:

Maybe cheapskate is a bit harsh but this person sticks to a strict budget. Cheap food, cheap beer and cheap activities are the plans! While it can get a bit frustrating if you have a lot of dispensable income these guys are perfect if you too find yourself a little short on cash. You will also be able to learn loads from them! They can show the ways to get the best bang for your buck and offer a lot of tips and tricks you won’t have known,

4. The Spiritual Guru:

This person travels as a means of self-discovery. They like to take it all in and really appreciate what they are experiencing. If you travel with them don’t be surprised to be spending time at sacred places or in quiet reflection. Not for everyone but they will certainly make you feel thankful for what you have!

5. The Snap Happy Photographer:

Expect to spend a lot of time posing for photos when you meet this wanderer. The photographer lives life through the lens and is constantly snapping away as you move. They may also be glued to Instagram depending on what type of photographer they are. They will bring you to some of the most beautiful places in your destination which is a major benefit of bumping into this person. Also, you will have plenty pics of yourself for a potential scrapbook!

6. The Budding Chef:

We all like to sample some food on our travels but this person travels simply for the chance to sample the local cuisine. They are particularly excited by new and exciting delicacies! Expect to tag along to some cool restaurants and sample plenty of their delicious wares. Just don’t be surprised if you come back a few pounds heavier.

7. The Crammer:

Strict itineraries and time schedules and a shrewd eye on the clock are what’s required by this guy. This person will arrive with a heavily researched list of activities and sights they want to see. They will know when the best time to go is and how long it should take. Don’t expect much rest time as they will want to fit in as much as their holiday allows. If you join forces you will see every inch of your destination.


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