Overflowing with cafes and culture Taiwan is sure to be the next city to win your heart. From its hip metropolises to its jaw-dropping natural landscapes there is always something to see and explore. Largely overlooked on most Asian travel itineraries Taiwan is not to be ignored any longer! Here are five reasons you are sure to fall in love with Taiwan.

Taiwan is a foodie’s heaven:

Food is taken very seriously in Taiwan, where three meals a day is more like a guideline and snacking early and often is the norm. Starting a debate over what is the best Taiwanese food will run you the risk of losing friends! There are even 20 streets devoted to different types of food. Some notable favourite foods are Beef Noodles, Gua Bao, and Stinky Tofu. Taiwan is the perfect place to go if you are a vegetarian as well – having over 5,000 vegetarian restaurants!

They have the best-themed restaurants:

Ever wanted to eat your dinner out of a toilet bowl? How about from a jail cell? In Taiwan, you can! Wacky and wonderful is the themed restaurant culture across the country. Everything from cartoon characters to hospital wards acts as inspiration for these themed eateries. Whatever the theme may be, food and décor will mimic it! Hot spots include Hello Kitty and Dining, Modern Toilet, and Brick Works.

There is some crazy natural beauty:

Taiwan is home to some of the gorgeous terrains. A melding of lush greenery and white sandy beaches makes up most of Taiwan’s coastline, whereas, inland you can find everything from geysers to jagged mountain moonscapes.

From watching the sunset at Sun Moon Lake in Taipei to strolling the beaches of Kenting you will not be disappointed. Hikers from all over the world flock to the mountainous countryside for its world class trails. The Qingshui Cliffs along with Taroko Gorge are must see’s for nature buffs and city dwellers alike!

The people are absurdly friendly:

Taiwanese are notoriously a welcoming and friendly bunch! Consistently ranking among the top friendliest countries in the world, studies along with travellers agree that Taiwan is full of nice people. Whether it be helping a lost tourist with directions or simply exchanging a smile and a greeting, the people are delightful. In Taiwan, people are even known to take initiative in returning lost items. Lost and founds are common – it is joked to be the best place to lose your wallet!

Their city planning is flawless:

All around Taiwan the city planning is unreal. In Taipei there is free WiFi that covers the whole city along with an abundance of 24-hour shops – everything from bookstores to karaoke bars is at your fingertips no matter the time.

Not as if it can get better then that but its metro systems are a dream. With an organised token system and clean stations, getting around Taipei is easier than ever. Its metro is one of the most reliable in the world serving over 1.1 million people a day but in the past year, there have only been 36 delays longer than five minutes!

In addition to all this, in order to keep the city clean trash gets collected five times a week and the garbage trucks blast classical music by composers such as Beethoven while they collect the trash!


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