Sometimes travelling Asia can leave a large dent in your bank account. This doesn’t always have to be the way! Check out our 4 tips on travelling Asia cheaply and get a great experience at a reasonable price.

1. Teaching English and Travel

Teaching English is one of the greatest ways to travel the world! You can fund your travels around lots of amazing countries armed with little more than your TEFL qualification. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Korea are crying out for teachers, so it is really easy to find a job in these places. Some of these places, like Vietnam for example, allow teachers to earn a reasonable wage and live at a high standard. Lots of teachers use these places as bases to spread out and see other countries. The nature of teaching means that when the children have holidays so do you, meaning you can travel on public holidays and weekends. It’s also worth mentioning you can meet lots of new friends from all over the world as you teach.

2. Booking a Local to Show you Around

A new development in travel, particularly in Asia is local guides. There are a few great websites which facilitate the booking of local guides in numerous areas throughout Asia (think Uber, but with travel guides.) These guides are usually less expensive than their professional counterparts and often help you to uncover the hidden gems in the areas you are travelling in. You also save time as you have your own personal guide. This means you don’t need to wait around in large crowds and you see more, as the saying goes; time is money. Finally, locals can help you get the best deals while shopping and can help you avoid tourist traps.

3. Ask advice from expat groups before you go for tips

Facebook now has some excellent travel and expat groups that every traveller should check out before leaving. Most of the people in these groups are helpful and can offer you insider tips on wherever it is you are travelling. By doing this you will know what to do before you arrive and can save you money by avoiding any unseen pitfalls. You may even find someone to show you around!

4. Learn How to Haggle (and be hardcore)

This can be a tricky one for travellers but if you can get the confidence to haggle you can save a lot of money. There often is no fixed price in Asia and lots of visitors don’t realise that prices are set and expected to reduced by haggling. You can often half the price of the items you are buying merely by being brave enough to start the process. Don’t feel ashamed it is a part of life in Asia! If you can learn a few basic phrases this can also really help clear up the communication and get you the deal you really want.

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Wes is an editor at iTravelLocal. He linked up with the iTravelLocal team while travelling and teaching English in Vietnam. Since meeting the team Wes has worked on several projects and even after his return home, has kept up contributing.


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