Paddy’s Day is fast approaching! Many of you may be weary of the usual trips to the parade or to the pub. So why not vary it this year! There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Irish culture! Irish culture has infiltrated nearly every aspect of the life so there is no short supply of things to do. Read on as we present three ways to experience Irish culture without having to visit the parades.

1. Listen to Irish Traditional Music

Irish traditional music is really lively and a lot of fun. Using instruments like guitars, violins and accordions musicians create lively jigs and reels for you to tap your feet to. These are particularly enjoyable to listen to in Irish bars and really create an electric atmosphere. There is also a tradition of ballad groups like The Dubliners who sing some beautiful songs which tell tales of Ireland. These songs are a mix of hilarious storytelling and heartbreaking ballads and if you haven’t heard them before you are in for a real treat. They aren’t just for people from Ireland, they can also be enjoyed by music lovers everywhere.

2. Cook Some Irish Traditional Food

Ireland has some pretty amazing and varied traditional foods. The food is a development of the social and economic changes throughout the country. Most of the dishes contain some form of potato as well as meat and other vegetables. We recommend trying your hand at Irish stew! Along the coastlines, Ireland also has some truly delicious dishes which involve all manners of sea critters!

3. Research your Ancestry

The Irish have emigrated all over the world. From America to Australia it’s not uncommon to hear people refer to their Irish ancestry. You may even have some Irish blood that you don’t even know about. In addition, many of these immigrants have truly fascinating stories as a result of their relocation to faraway lands. Don’t leave any stone un-turned and you never know what you might find, you may even be related to a Gaelic Prince from long ago (although it’s not likely!)

4. Read Some Irish Literature

Ireland is renowned for its poets, playwrights and authors. These authors have written in various styles on all different types of matters. World-renowned authors like Yeats, Joyce and Behan are among this star-studded list. A lot of these authors focused inwards on Irish society so they are a great reference point for those looking to learn a little bit more about the Emerald Isle.

5. Watch Some Irish Movies

Liam Neeson is one of the most famous Irish actors. Source: Flickr

Recently Ireland has had some major success with movies and has produced some excellent A list actors over the years. Classic actors like Maureen O’Hara to contemporary performers like Michael Fassbender are amongst some of the most famous the country has produced. There is also a selection of Irish movies which are an absolute treat to view. A quick google will help you decide what’s for you but they range from the uproariously hilarious like “The Commitments” to political dramas like “In the Name of the Father”, which features Daniel Day Lewis. They cater for all interests and you won’t be disappointed with the lack of quality.



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