Europe has quickly become one of the premier locations to surf. Each year thousands of surfers hit the various spots to catch some waves. Due to the diversity of this vast continent surfers can choose from a variety of waves, climates and cultures. American often think they have a monopoly on surfing and that they have the best spots in the world.  We have made a list of some of the coolest places to hit the water throughout Europe. So before you grab your board you should read on and make a decision on where best suits you.

San Sebastian, Spain


Situated in  Basque country, this exquisite Spanish town offers some of the best waves in Europe. The ease of access to from San Sebastian airport is a major bonus as some European spots don’t have airports nearby. The biggest waves usually happen in the winter The city has a really relaxed vibe during the day and a buzzing nightlife to enjoy after you hit the waves!

Biarritz, France

Source: Dennis Jarvis

Biarritz is the pick of the French spots during Summer months. There is a pick of beaches and waves throughout the region and you can enjoy the relaxed French culture as you surf. The weather is also second to none! The only issue is that the beaches can get quiet packed in peak holiday times so our tip is to try to get to these beaches in the low seasons. This is a busy spot for surfers so expect to meet many like minded individuals when you visit.

Cornwall, England

Source: barnyz

Cornwall is the biggest and best spot to surf in England. Perched in the far south west corner of the Britain it is ideally placed to catch Atlantic Swells. Cornwall is a rural area so there isn’t much in the way of bustling cities to explore. As far as surf capitals go – head to Newquay. You will need a spring suit for the summer months. Much like Ireland, you will have to be fully equipped for the winter seasons but venturing out in this periods means you will catch the best of this spot.

Lahinch, Ireland

Source: TOF2006

Lahinch is on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare and features world class reefs and beaches to surf. The town has a really relaxed feel and is a great base to experience Ireland’s “Wild Atlantic Way”, which is a tour down its west coast. The best time to surf Ireland is in the winter so prepare for cooler water temperatures, pack your gear accordingly. Ireland’s surf sub-culture is growing rapidly and plenty of surfers hang around these coastal spots. However, don’t be surprised to have entire spots to yourself!

Peniche, Portugal

Caption: Espen Feilberg

Peniche is Portugal’s premier spot for surf. Peniche is a seaside region and has a town of the same name. It is located in Oeste Subregion. The town itself is a quaint little fishing village with a population of around 25,000 people. This spot has waves which are the envy of surfers all over the world and has garnered the nickname “supertubos” because of it! This is a great spot to take in the more relaxed side of Portugal and the (almost year round) great weather is a bonus.



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