Stressed out and sick of work? It might be time to book that holiday you have always wanted! Studies have shown recently that people feel more at ease after only one day on vacation. Take a much-needed break and check out just how travel can help you unwind. It’s time to get booking!

1. Stress Reduction

It can be very easy in today’s fast-paced environment to fall into a hectic cycle of work and sleep! Travelling is a great way to break from this daily routine and allow us to relieve much of this stress. Travel allows us to slow down and to do what we want, when we want and at our own pace. You don’t have to worry about bosses, work or deadlines. Instead, travellers can engage in more leisure activities and stop to take in what is going on around us. When you return from your holidays, you are sure to feel more rested and ready to get back into working life. You will also gain invaluable experience dealing with the challenges often associated with travelling. When you do eventually return to your day job you can apply much of what you have learned making you adaptable and better able to handle stress.

2. Feel Part of a Wider World

The world can feel like an intimidating place at first. Travelling is a great way to find out that it is not! Those who travel feel that they are part of a wider world, one that is not as frightening as it may initially appear. Being part of a wider world can also increase empathy towards others, something we certainly need now more than ever. Travellers get the chance to see that people are the same all over the world (more or less) and to be thankful for what they have been given as they travel to other, perhaps less well-off areas.

3. Discover Hidden Confidence

Those who have visited strange and exotic places often discover a newly found self-confidence. As they travel, they become independent. They learn how to make friends with people of different backgrounds, something that is not easy to do, particularly while travelling on your own. Travellers learn how to navigate tricky situations and to look after themselves in environments that they may find outlandish. They can learn to communicate better and their “street smarts” increase as they move around large urban areas. Overall, travel allows for drastic personal development. You will embrace change and uncertainty as a simple fact of life.

4. Awakens Buried Curiosity

Following on from the theme of self-development, travelling is a great way to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Being in unfamiliar surroundings awakens a child-like curiosity in many travellers and spurs them on to do things they usually would never have tried. Wanderers often learn new languages, try new foods and move out of their comfort zones as they try a range of different activities.  All of this can sometime seem scary or challenging, but overcoming challenges is excellent for personal growth.


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